It’s that time of year again!

We Are returns to E3 for the third year in a row with an amazing lineup of unique panelists who will share their expertise and insights on working in the video game industry. A full schedule is posted below. This year We Are has also added activities and meetups to its offerings to provide increased engagement with the diverse community attending the year’s biggest video game event.

We Are, an initiative created by the ESA Foundation in partnership with Red Bull, is designed to connect, educate, and inspire women and underrepresented voices in the video game industry, and encourage others to join them.

“Highlighting women in game development is an important cornerstone of We Are, but it’s about more than just one aspect of the industry,” says Anastasia Staten, executive director of the ESA Foundation. “We Are is a community, a big tent, and those under it range from game developers to esports players to those who simply enjoy playing video games. We Are is broadening the conversation about video games and building more ways to connect us all.”

Located in #633 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, the We Are booth at E3 will be a vibrant hub of activity offering a variety of panels, activities, and meetups (listed below). But you’ll also experience much more — a photo booth, an inspiration wall, a custom VR experience, and a gaming lounge. You’ll also find an arcade packed with exciting indie titles, including Super Crush KO, Astrologaster, Black Room and Plasticity.

Perhaps the most exciting presence at the booth will be nine of the ESA Foundation’s 35 scholars, college students from across the country who’ve been awarded scholarships to help them pursue their dream: a career in the industry. You’ll have a chance to hear their stories as well as share your own, which will serve as inspiration — and help build an inclusive community, which leads to better teams, better storytelling, better products and better entertainment.  

In addition to the booth, the We Are lounge space will be open daily during the last three hours of the show. Please come in to meet others, mingle, and prep for your E3 after-parties while enjoying a refreshing Red Bull mocktail. RSVP here for your meetup of choice.

We hope you'll stop by and help us achieve our mission of connecting, educating, and inspiring this E3.

See you soon!