#WeAre: Changing the Game

From inspirational profiles of women in gaming to interviews with the diverse members of the video game industry, check out this page for the stories of the vibrant and multifaceted community.

We Are Returns to E3

It’s that time of year again!

We returns to E3 for the third year in a row with an amazing lineup of unique panelists who will share their expertise and insights on working in the video game industry. A full schedule is posted below. It has also added activities and meetups to its offerings to provide increased engagement with the diverse community attending the year’s biggest video game event.

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Content Creators Talk Games: A Discussion on Creating Games-Focused Content for Fans

Although it might look easy from the outside, streaming can be a full-time job. Content creation in the gaming space requires more than a game, a camera, and a smile: it usually means sleepless nights, a full schedule, and self-starting multiple projects. The ESA Foundation’s We Are movement invited some of the most influential women in games-focused content to discuss their work, and to explain just how challenging it can be.

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Journey Into Games

The ESA Foundation’s We Are movement invited four influential women to discuss their trek through the gaming industry in a candid panel, reviewing their inspirations, beginnings, and the challenges they face as they continue to transform the space. Their stories are worthy of inspiring a new generation of women to delve into the creative sphere of game development and marketing.

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Janina Gavankar: Actress, Gamer, and Innovator

She’s more than an actress; Janina Gavankar has a history in music, technology, and gaming to pair with her roles in film and television. Best known for her performances as True Blood’s Luna Garza and The League’s Shiva, Janina is likewise recognized for her role as Iden Versio in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Aside from providing voices for characters in Far Cry 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn, Janina has also made impressive strides in technology, creating multiple platforms for artists of all kinds to showcase their work and discuss ideas.

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Small Studios, Big Ideas

It’s no secret that making games can be stressful. Managing a game development studio can also be tricky, especially for independent developers. The ESA’s We Are Movement invited four female leaders in indie game development to discuss these challenges, and explain how they use their work to bring positivity to a creatively taxing environment where women’s leadership isn’t always the norm.

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We Are Announces E3 2018 Booth and Programming

We Are’s upcoming E3 2018 appearance will feature a booth on the show floor with a variety of programming and entertainment, including live talks, a photo exhibition featuring women in the video game industry, an arcade, custom merchandise benefiting the ESA Foundation's mission, a Facebook video activation, and more. We Are invites all E3 attendees to come explore what makes the video game industry so vibrant and diverse at Booth #823 in the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Strawburry17: A Tale of Tenacity and Ambition

Strawburry17 is an esteemed name among the many personalities circling the YouTube sphere. Known legally as Meghan Camarena, Strawburry17 started her YouTube journey in 2007, after being influenced by a fellow member of her church group to take up video editing. Since then, Meghan has traveled the globe, hosting shows like Disney XD’s Polaris Primetime and securing her place as a reputable streamer and YouTuber. However, there’s much more to Meghan than content creation and hosting; she began her journey as an amateur BMX biker and competitive skateboarder, as well as an active gamer. These hobbies influenced her current pursuits, and Meghan now boasts over one million subscribers, as well as an influence that extends beyond her work in video and hosting.

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Robin Hunicke: Artist, Game Dev, & Activist

If you’ve ever played Journey, you’ve experienced one of Robin Hunicke’s immersive, experimental games. Originally an artist, writer, and photographer, Robin developed an interest in computer science and Artificial Intelligence during her college career. Now, she is the CEO of her own game studio, and directs BA and MA programs at the University of California, Santa Cruz. An outspoken advocate for women and minority groups in gaming, Robin also volunteers her time to multiple social justice movements, and is recognized as one of  PC Magazine’s Top 10 Most Influential Women in Games.

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