We Are is an initiative created by the ESA Foundation in partnership with Red Bull designed to connect women with diverse backgrounds in the video games industry, to educate on the impact of women in the community and the legacy they have achieved, and to inspire new voices and talent to contribute passionately to video games.
We Are is an initiative formed by Red Bull Media House and the ESA Foundation to connect people of diverse backgrounds in the video game community, to educate on the industry’s broad range of roles, and to inspire new voices and talent from all backgrounds to join the community.

By spotlighting individuals who have forged unique paths, the initiative strives to emphasize the many roles and talents that shape the industry. We Are celebrates and invites diversity into the video game industry, and spreads the message that all are welcome.

At least 45% of the country’s gamers are women. We Are seeks to bring these women closer to the games they love by contributing their creativity, experiences and insight, and enriching the community and the games it produces.

Why We Are?

At least 45% of gamers in the United States are women. We Are encourages these women to follow that interest and join the video game industry. In the gallery, there are roles within the industry that align with every personality, skill set, or area of interest. By raising the visibility of the women in the field, We Are helps pave the way and provides role models for the next generation of female video game professionals.

We Are focuses on women today, but that is just the beginning. As the campaign grows, we will expand and highlight other groups who have been underrepresented in the video game industry. The aim is to inspire new voices and talent from all backgrounds to join in on this robust and creative community.

Together #WeAre Changing the Game

The #WeAre campaign is one of many ways in which the ESA Foundation is creating positive social impact in the community and welcoming diversity in the video game field. Support from generous friends like you ensures that together . . .

  • #WeAre creating opportunities for kids to explore STEAM fields. ESA Foundation is proud to support After-School All-Stars, which provides free after-school STEAM programming to students from low-income families to bridge the educational divide and foster an interest in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

  • #WeAre inspiring young women to follow their dreams. ESA Foundation is proud to support 1,000 Dream Fund, which provides mentorship, resources, and funding so that young women can realize their full potential in their careers.

  • #WeAre closing the gender gap in video game design. ESA Foundation is proud to support Girl Scouts as they encourage K-12 members to explore STEAM topics and even earn a badge in video game design.

  • #WeAre increasing access to creative careers. ESA Foundation is proud to support Arts Bridging the Gap, which teaches cutting-edge video game creation techniques to teenage girls and empowers them to create their own games.

  • #WeAre going global. ESA Foundation is proud to support Girls Make Games, which hosts a series of international programs for the next generation of video game professionals, including summer camps, workshops, and game jams.

  • #WeAre shaping the video game professionals of the future. Since 2007, the ESA Foundation has awarded scholarships to help female and minority students pursue degrees that can lead to a career in the video game industry, which as helped more than 300 young people follow their dreams.

What You Can Do To Help

  • Lift each other up. Many of today’s female and underrepresented video game professionals have stories about coming up in an industry where they didn’t see others like themselves. By elevating the voices and visibility of our diverse community, we are ensuring that the video game industry is truly for everyone.

  • Support games made by women. Sometimes it’s just that simple! Supporting women developers and female-led studios is a great way to help more women rise to leadership positions in our field.

  • Embrace the awkward conversations. It’s hard to create change when we don’t have conversations! When opportunities arise to discuss the importance of diversity in the industry, it’s on you to speak up for why representation matters.

  • Donate to support ESA Foundation. With campaigns like We Are and their scholarship and grant programs that support the people and organizations making social impact in the video game industry, ESA Foundation is changing the industry and building a pipeline of diverse talent.

About The ESA Foundation

  • Created by the American entertainment software industry, the ESA Foundation works to make a positive difference in the lives of America’s youth by providing scholarships to the next generation of industry innovators and supporting charitable organizations and schools that leverage entertainment software and technology.

  • The ESA Foundation receives its primary funding proceeds from the signature annual fundraiser Nite to Unite, as well as through the generosity of individual supporters and other charitable initiatives. For more information, please visit the ESA Foundation website or follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.
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